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Conditions of Use updated as of April 25, 2011


Scrap a Doodle Soo is a licensed reseller for the following designers:


Scrap a Doodle Soo, Clip Art 4 Resale, Cheryl Seslar Designs, Dainty Doodles, Digi Web Studio, Digi Scrap Kits, Primsy Resale, Scrappin Doodles, Tater Patch Graphics, and Scrapping Goodies.

Please read the following Conditions of Use prior to purchasing your collections.  Be sure to read the separate Conditions of Use for Cheryl Seslar's designs which can be located at the bottom of this page.  If there are any uncertainties as to what is and what is not allowed, please contact me by email.
What is allowed
In order to use the collections that I offer in any of your own 
creations such as scrap kits, paper printables, etc. you will need
to create something new by using i.e. borders, textures, etc.  You must incorporate other elements besides my clip art in your creations prior to saving it as a transparent PNG.  The item will need to be flattened/merged, and secured if created for digital sale purposes.
You must provide credit for the clip art:  If you are selling your own creations from your own website using my collections, please provide an active link to my website by providing this URL:
( in the description of your preview. If you are selling your creations from another site and you can not provide an active link, please state the following:  Thanks to Scrap a Doodle Soo for the artwork used to create this design. Or artwork purchased at and original artwork by _____________.  Please be sure to credit the original artist. You still need to provide credit back to my site if using my collections whether they are created by me or another artist. This also includes other sites, such at Crafts U Print or any other site you have a license to make your creations on.  If you can not provide credit back to my site, please do not purchase the collections as you will not be able to use them.  No exceptions.  Also, one license is granted to each person who purchases my collections for one website/person. A Multi Vendor Upgrade license  is still required from Cheryl Seslar when using her creations on multi vendor sites. 
Please be respectful of my Conditions of Use.  I can not stress this enough.
Here are more ideas to use my clip art for printables and web graphics:
 Decoupage Projects
 Papertole (3d crafts)
 Auction Templates
 Banners, Avatars, and Siggies
 Incredimail letters/stationery (provided you use a link to my  website in  your emails)
 Door Hangers
 Bottle Cap Graphics
 Quilt Blocks
 Candle Labels
 Bath-n-Body Labels
 Hang Tags
 Gift Tags
 Candy Wrappers
 Cocoa Packets
 Seed Packets
 Tea Bag Packets
 Candy Packets
 Paint Gallon Labels
 Light Switch Covers
 Business Cards, and Letterhead
 Pictures or Prints that can be framed
 Greeting Cards
 Note Cards
 Recipe Cards
 Note Pads
 Shopping Lists
 Lamp Shades Graphics
 Digitizing or Embroidery Patterns
 T-Shirts using transfer paper
 Bumper Stickers
 Digital Scrapbooking
What is not allowed
You May Not alter these graphics in anyway!  Absolutely no exceptions! You can however, add to your creations by combining borders, background textures, etc...but you may not alter the original art in any way.  No exceptions.
You May Not claim these graphics or alter these graphics and call them your own.
You May Not merely create stickers or use actions on any of my collections and sell them as your own clipart collections on any website.
You May Not resell any of the clip art collections I offer in their original form.  At the moment none of the existing collections I carry are resellers. Also, you will need to create something new with the graphics such as frames, cards, paint can labels, etc.  You must create something new with my clip art in order to resell it. Here is a more detailed explanation:  Any graphic collections, singles, or transparent layers must not be resold as the original graphics you receive. This includes pre-made printables.  They must not be resold as downloadable printables unless it is specified.  You can, however, sell tangible printables that have been created on my site. Go to the printable section of my website to view the existing premade printables.  If you use any of my collections to design your own printables, you may sell those downladable printables and/or as finished products. Just be sure to flatten/merge and secure the file so that the artwork can not be extracted. Do Not Alter the original artwork in any way.  In other words, you can add borders (such as frames, etc.), texture to backgrounds of the existing artwork but you can not alter the individual pieces of artwork in any way. No exceptions!  If you have any questions, please contact me.
You May Not give the clip art away for free to any type of group including but not limited to yahoo groups, forums, etc. in any type of format whether it is secured or not.  However Digi Scrap Kits, Scrappin Doodles, and Tater Patch Graphics does allow sharing as long as your creations are secured and locked.
You May Not make copies or send downloads to other individuals or groups.  That would be considered stealing and is against the law.  We all work very hard at what we do and it is how we make a living.  There are groups that have informed designers of these practices.  So please be mindful of our Conditions of Use.
You May Not re-color (with the exception of digital stamps or line art) the clip art or change any of the features of the artwork.
Cheryl Seslar's Terms of Use are as follows:
New Revised Conditions of Use as of April 25, 2011 for Non-Exclusive, Limited Edition, and Personal Use Clip Art Collections.
Customers may now use Cheryl Seslar's Non-Exclusives, Limited Editions, and Personal Use Clip Art Collections in your commercial projects since I carry the Upgraded Resellers license. CU/PU/S4H/S4O friendly! So now you do not have to purchase a special license to sell from your own website, Ebay, or Etsy.  
Exclusive Clip Art Collecitons (CU/PU/S4H/S4O)
New Revised Terms of Use (August 10, 2009):  You can now use any of the Exclusive Cheryl Seslar Designs for CU/S4H/S4O (Some restrictions apply).  Please go to her website for more details.
You May:  Create printables, scrap kits, web graphics and sell them on your own website, Ebay or Etsy.  Do not alter the original artwork (clip art collections) in any way.  No exceptions!
You May Now (As of March 31, 2010):  Sell your creations at multi-vendor websites as long as you purchase Cheryl's new license at
You May Not:  Share your creations with any type of on-line group.
For each collection that is purchased by you, one license is granted. 
You May Not:  Redistribute the original files, and the copyright still remains with Scrap a Doodle Soo or the original artist.
I really want you to enjoy your experience here at Scrap a Doodle Soo and I would love for you to be able to use my collections.  All I ask is that you be respectful of my Conditions of Use.
Please report any abuse of Conditions of Use.  This includes not giving proper credit to my site.  Your name will remain anonymous. :o)
If you have any questions regarding my Collections/Artwork, Conditions of Use, etc., or if you are uncertain about how the graphics can be used, please do not hesitate to notify me by email.
Thank you!
Susan :o)
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